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27 jan 2007
Learn Swedish

Every now and then, foreigners join the IRC channel #sweden on EFnet,
and wants to learn Swedish. Because of that, I've collected a few links
here, to help them with their goal.
(And yes. Also to give us, the regulars of #sweden, an easy way out when
people ask for help learning Swedish... We just redirect them here!)

  • http://lexin2.nada.kth.se/swe-eng.html
    Lexin - Swedish-English dictionary
    Decent translator for single words.

  • http://translation.langenberg.com/
    Language Translation -- English, French, German, Spanish,
    Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Greek, Norwegian,
    Chinese, Japanese & Korean

    An excellent collection of online translators, all on one page! And
    yes, at least one of them (InterTran) can translate to/from Swedish
    too. But be warned, Swedish and English grammar are very
    different, so the result will usually be very weird. Works good for
    single words, though. Short sentences might work well too.

  • http://www2.hhs.se/isa/swedish/default.htm
    Introduction to Swedish
    This Swedish course, written by Urban Sikeborg at the
    Stockholm School of Economics, seems to be quite thorough with
    lots of examples and even some audio samples! It can also be
    downloaded as a Word document.

  • http://www.onlineswedish.com/
    Björn Engdahl's Swedish course
    Another Swedish course, written by Björn Engdal on his
    spare time. Somewhat outdated design of the website,
    but quite good content-wise.

  • www.google.com
    You should already be familiar with this one... :)
    You can of course use whatever search engine you prefer, this is
    just an example. Good words to search for might be learn
    or swedish online. Narrow it down to your likings with
    additional words like course, class or language.

    Added 26 jan 2007
  • http://www.slayradio.org/mastering_swedish.php
    SLAY Radio
    This site focuses on slightly more humorous aspects of the Swedish
    language, but the examples are still worth the while. It also has
    audio samples... or whatever you wanna call it. :)
    SLAY Radio is a web radio station, and these "lessons" were
    originally broadcasted on one of its live shows.

Added 27 jan 2007
PS. It's of course still allowed to ask questions in the channel, since
everything can't be answered through the above sites... but you should at
least try to find the answer by yourself first, before taking the easy way
out and annoy people with questions you easily could've figured out by
yourself, if you had just tried.
And nancyj^, you're one of us regulars, so you can of course ask anything,
anytime! :P

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