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The rules in short
1. No flooding
2. No nazi greetings or racism
3. No harassing
4. Avoid using colors codes
5. No inviting to other channels
6. No begging for op
7. No IRC wars (war scripts, exploits etc)

Ok, so why have rules?
Let's begin this with telling you that there are
some rules that you must follow to be in #sweden.
Sure, rules are boring and it's sometimes hard to
understand why we must have them.
But, if we had no rules, it would be anarchy:
People flooding you with invites to other channels,
someone repeating the same sentence millions of times
in the channel, other people harassing each other, and
so on.
So think for yourself. We don't have those rules
because we think it's funny, or to make you feel bad
about it, we have them for the best of the main part
of the users in the channel, the ones that just want
to have a nice chat, and nothing more.

It's pretty obvious that flooding in any form isn't
allowed, neither in the channel, nor in a private
message to any user in the channel.
All types of flooding will result in a kick, and
repeated misbehavior will result in a ban.

Discussing it is allowed, but nazi greetings and
racistic language will result in a kick or ban.

This is also one of the more obvious things. No form
of harassment is accepted in the channel.
You'll be kicked if you are rude and annoying to other
people. This also includes harsh language in the
channel, and annoying nicks.
There's one easy way to avoid being kicked:
Just behave! It's not that hard. :)

You must do your best to avoid using colors in #sweden.
Earlier, only mIRC users could see them. In other
clients, the color control codes appeared as a mess
of odd characters. Very annoying. But nowadays almost
everyone with a recent IRC client can see the colors.
And now maybe you think "Why can't I use colors, if
everyone can see them correctly?"
The reason why colors aren't allowed, is that the
channel will look like Hiroshima -45 if everyone
uses their own colorset.

#sweden is a big channel with many users, and that
makes it a good place to invite people to your own
channel. WRONG! We will NOT tolerate this.
If you invite users in #sweden to your own channel,
you will be kicked so far away, that you don't even
want to think about it.
To invite people from other channels to #sweden is
equally wrong, and you will be kicked for that too.

Op begging
The easiest way to make sure you'll never get op
status in #sweden, is to beg for it. And it will
also make you the likely target for a well placed
kick! Op is something you have to earn, you will in
no way get it by begging.

IRC is no fighting arena. That's why we've got this
rule: All usage of warscripts, DoS exploits, flooding
etc, will result in a ban.
And if you think it's cool and funny to nuke people,
think again, then leave the computer, go out, find some
friends, and do something more constructive than just
being a troublemaker.
And, as if by magic, you got a life!

OK, that's all. Now we've informed you what's allowed
in the channel and not. And now it's up to you to
follow these rules.
If you break them, it's your choice, and you have to
take the consequences.
If you have any thoughts about the rules, don't be
afraid to ask an operator in the channel about them.
The operators are usually willing to help you if you
feel lost in other ways too, that's why there are
operators. It's just too bad some people can't behave,
and takes time the operators could use to help an user
in trouble, or something more funny than kicking/banning
annoying users.

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