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Q: So... wtf is "Heatwave" anyway?

A: Well, before I got addicted to internet with IRC, newsgroups and all that stuff, I was addicted to something completely different, but yet very similar... Fidonet and BBS's.

For quite a while I even had my own BBS. Its name was Heatwave. The BBS is gone, but the name lives on...


Q: So... wtf is "Fidonet" anyway?

A: In short: A simpler, text-only, dialup version of internet... ;) More info at these sites (opens in a new window):
www.fidonet.org (intl)
www.fidonet.itu.se (swe)


Q: So... wtf is a BBS anyway?

A: BBS stands for "Bulletin Board System", and is a stand alone computer system (as opposed to the internet which, as you all know, is a more or less global network) that you dial up with a modem and log on to. Once logged on to the system, you can download files, play simple online games, chat with other users (if it's a multi-line BBS) or at least chat with the SysOp, read and write messages to other users, etc. A BBS is often (but not always) part of the Fidonet. Many modern BBS's are also reachable via the Internet.

Want to know more? Use your favourite search engine (for example Google) and search for the phrase "what is a bbs?".


Q: So... what the fuck does wtf mean anyway?

A: ...


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