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    Various stuff (Pictures, utilities etc)
  • hwinfo.html
    Some historical info about the name Heatwave
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    Info about the FTP
  • nattuggla.html
    Artikel om dygnsrytm (Swedish)
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    Picture gallery
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    Disabled due to spammers
  • /peter_e/
    One of my old sites (Swedish)
  • /Idontknow/
    Some other old site i made (Mainly in English))
  • swedish.html
    A link collection for those who wants to learn Swedish
  • blog
    Of course I had to have a blog too! (Swedish.)
  • wiki
    My LYRICS wiki. Not so big yet, but in time... (This one isn't really new, I just didn't put it up on the front page until now.)
  • #sweden - EFnet
    Web page for the IRC channel #sweden on EFnet

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